Coinend's paper


● Token Name: Coinend
● Token symbol: XCE
● Max Supply: 90,000,000 (100%)
● Token Type: Ethereum
● Initial Circulation Supply: 8,100,000 (9%)
Coinend (XCE) is an ERC-20 governance and utility token utilized within the Coinend ecosystem for decentralized finance (DeFi). It intends to combine the essential features of traditional binary options with the power of the blockchain, allowing users to utilize assets in the form of their native token. Holders of the Coinend token can enjoy additional advantages while using the ecosystem; The token will enable holders to participate in staking in the liquidity pool and binary options markets. We want to grow the token's ecosystem and demand as we deploy various features and utilities for the token.
The Coinend token will allow all token holders to vote on the project's future course or any adjustments according to the market demands. This innovation will immensely contribute to the development of the economy and will ensure that the token holders remain relevant and the ecosystem remains profitable for the people it serves.
Every Coinend token holder has the right to send proposals through Coinend's website for the community to cast their votes. Proposals will be related but not restricted to the following subjects:
(i) Binary options markets
(ii) Liquidity pool
(iii) Ecosystem supply
(iv) Token Burning
Binary Options Markets:
Coinend’s binary options markets are designed to be monitored like any other trading platform. Token holders can monitor the market performance and place trades to earn token rewards. The binary trading activities will give token holders peace of mind since there is no loss of tokens in the contract if the options are wrong.
Liquidity Pool
Token holders will be able to provide liquidity in the form of staking in the pool, and their stake will act as liquidity to the borrowers who want more liquidity to participate in the binary options markets; with these, liquidity providers will earn staking incentives and interest shares from the liquidity pool.
Ecosystem Supply :
We plan to distribute the token supply among key stakeholders who will contribute differently to the Coinend ecosystem’s development. We will reserve a percentage of Coinend tokens and allocate them towards the fulfillment of supplying the token rewards.
Token Burning :
We aim to reach a well-balanced solution to preserve the good health of the token. Implementing the burning strategy in the protocol is very important to reduce the total token supply in the future.
The protocol will burn some percentage of token rewards for wrong binary options in the binary options markets and reduce the overall supply of the token.