Coinend's paper


The emergence of blockchain technology has changed the conventional ways of doing things across several industries. From finance to gaming, staking, and asset management, most niches have been disrupted by tokenization brought about by blockchain technology. The new token economy offers the potential for a more efficient and fairer financial world by reducing the friction involved in the creation, trading, and usage of digital assets, thus creating a way to provide financial inclusion for millions of the unbanked and underbanked globally.
With it also is the creation of cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance, and token-based ecosystems that help reinvent the next logical steps in the growth of investment and earning due to its decentralized structure. Since the creation of cryptocurrencies more than ten years ago, several blockchains and tokens have been created, and many decentralized applications (Dapps) have developed - thanks to smart contract functionality. However, adoption to ensure total inclusivity is still not widespread. There is a need to create a protocol that simplifies the inclusivity process with the system people are already familiar with in the conventional terminology and the traditional ways of investing.
With this, we created Coinend - a decentralized binary options protocol that allows token holders to participate in binary options markets and liquidity pool to earn token rewards.