Coinend's paper

Token allocation

Coinend token's maximum supply is 90,000,000 tokens, with expectations to keep decreasing through the burning mechanism in the protocol. As per standard practice, a portion of the tokens for the team are initially locked. Below are the distributed allocations for each group.
Ecosystem Supply (69%) 62,100,000
2,700,000 unlocked at protocol launch, then 825,000 unlocked per month for 72 months.
Growth and Funding (15%) 13,500,000
1,800,000 unlocked at token launch, then 195,000 unlocked per month per 60 months.
Team (9%) 8,100,000
Initial lock-up for 6 months after protocol launch, then 168,750 unlocked per month per 48 months.
Private sales (1%) 900,000 tokens
Unlocked at token launch.
Token launch (6%) 5,400,000 tokens
Unlocked at token launch.