Coinend's paper

Technical summary

(i) Intuitive Protocol
The platform is a token-based protocol that relies on blockchain technology to offer the highest level of convenience. The protocol is designed in a permission-less and decentralized manner to host the platform and its token, which are essentially distributed, and community-led. However, tampering and manipulation of Blockchain protocols are not unheard ace. Coinend comes in. Our intuitive platform is fortified with fully audited, time-locked protocols to rule out all exploitation possibilities.
(ii) Reliability
Coinend is highly reliable and brings top-notch and phenomenal benefits to token holders and platform users. The platform, token, and the entire ecosystem are built with high-tech technology to give users the confidence to carry out seamless investment and transaction activities. Data and actions are stored on the blockchain to ensure transparency.
(iii) Security
We understand that the security of our platform is core to the success of this project. As a result of this, we hold the security of our platform in high esteem. Our Smart Contract is audited by one of the best auditing companies in the industry to ensure that vulnerable points within our systems are detected and protected to ensure that it is 100% bug-free and safe from bad actors committed to exploiting the security architecture of blockchain protocols.
(iv) Community Support
Coinend provides 24/7 support to our users. The support is available via different channels, including our social media pages. However, as a community-led platform, the core of our support will be carried out in our Telegram community.
(v) Governance
As mentioned earlier, Coinend is a community-focused project, and it uses community governance where every token holder has power and a voice. Token holders will be able to earn rewards and be eligible for perks or early issuance of new products and have input into future products. They will also be able to create proposals and vote on changes they want for the project at any given time.
For this purpose, XCE is created with a voting function. Holders of the token will have voting rights and power based on the number of tokens they hold in their wallets, and they can debate, propose, and vote on all changes to the platform. This will allow the platform to be upgradable by anybody with a good idea of how it can perform better, and they are incentivized accordingly.
For a proposal to go through and be accepted by the community, most of the cast votes must favor the proposal. In a situation where there is more than one option, the proposition that has the highest votes wins.