Coinend's paper


problems with binary options markets
(i) High risk on investment
Binary options promise fast and high yields if you pick the right price move, but if the price does not go in the direction you want, 100% of the investment will be lost. An ASIC review found as much as 80% of binary options investors lost money.
If wagering $90 on a binary options trade, your maximum loss is $90. Some brokers offer a discount on losing trades; For example, 10%. In that case, the maximum is just $81, calculated as follows:
= trade risk
-$90 + ($90 x 10%) = -$90 + $9 = -$81
(ii) Accessibility and Scalability
Right now, DeFi is running into a wall that could never avoid scalability. Blockchain technology requires every transaction to be made publicly and registered on the blockchain. This limits the number of transactions that can ever be made at any time. This guarantees the security of the network but comes at a cost. After careful analysis, Coinend has shown great promises and answers to the two main challenges of DeFi: accessibility and scalability by building its smart contract on a highly scalable blockchain.
(iii) Lack of Transparency
Current binary options platforms are not decentralized by nature, so there are a few questions of transparency.